Northumberland is the most northern county in England with some beautiful countryside, historic castles and secluded beaches. is a website that offers you links to a large range of all types of holiday accommodation for your Northumberland break.

Northumberland Hotels

We have a fantastic selection of Hotels / B&Bs to give you the best choice of Holiday accommodation in Northumberland, which can be booked online. Read More
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Northumberland Cottages

When exploring Northumberland, one of the most popular types of holiday accommodation are Holiday Cottages offering an authentic feel of the area combined with the comforts of home. We have links to a large selection of Self Catering Holiday Cottages. Read More

Northumberland Guide

If you are looking for an introductory guide to Northumberland, see our guide on Places to Visit in Northumberland.
These include Berwick upon Tweed | Lindisfarne | Alnwick | Bamburgh | Seahouses | Hexham
Northumberland Car Hire

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